Successful Sales Presentations

A two-day workshop for up to 8 people.

As part of a sales process, the recommendation is crucial.  Participants learn to  prepare and deliver customer-focused presentations that produce desired results.  Past participants report immediate, positive changes in their preparation, presentation delivery, and outcomes.


Individuals or teams who sell products, services, or ideas.

Workshop content

Typical sales presentation topics include:

•  Identifying specific desired results from the sales presentation
•  Analyzing customer needs, influence and situation factors
•  Organizing information persuasively
•  Selecting strong evidence
•  Connecting information to customer benefits
•  Maximizing the impact of language
•  Using visual aids and notes appropriately
•  Handling questions and overcoming roadblocks

Participants develop, practice, and deliver their actual, upcoming sales presentations. Presenting material up to four times, each person receives oral and written feedback from the workshop consultant and leaves with a DVD recording of their presentations.

We customize this workshop for participants’ specific needs and business environment.