Action Writing

A one-day workshop—fast-paced, jam-packed with tips and techniques, interactive—for up to 12 people.

Audience:  People with a good command of the English language who wish to increase results from workplace writing.  

Participants learn to increase action results from their writing while saving time in writing tasks.  Action Writing provides techniques and tips that improve all kinds of business writing—letters, memos, reports, white papers, e-mail, PowerPoint slides, and other documents.  Participants apply workshop ideas to their writing projects immediately.

Typical workshop content:

  • Determining what makes business writing effective
  • Getting words on the paper or screen quickly
  • Using the Fast Business Writing Process
  • Communicating desired reader action
  • Anticipating what the reader needs to know
  • Determining necessary and appropriate content
  • Persuading the reader to take the desired action
  • Structuring a document (paper or e-mail) logically for the reader
  • Using subject lines to gain reader attention
  • Formatting to highlight and clarify information
  • Editing for clarity (paragraphs, sentences, words)
  • Using correct sentence structure and grammar
  • Choosing active voice of passive voice appropriately
  • Eliminating excess words and phrases
  • Choosing words effectively
  • Punctuating correctly
  • Using e-mail to maximum advantage
  • Creating a professional impression

Participants practice each topic with their own writing and work on actual work-related writing tasks during the workshop.

Computers or laptops with word-processing software may be used during this workshop, although they are not required.

We tailor the workshop’s design and materials for the participants and their workplace.  To customize the program, we determine greatest writing skill needs from the participant writing assessments.  We may also request samples of actual workplace writing from your organization.  (If you prefer, we will provide a generic version ofAction Writing.)

 Pre-Workshop Activities—The Writing Assessment

A personalized, confidential writing assessment—recommended for every participant.  This assessment provides a summary of the writer’s strengths and improvement areas across 13 writing issues along with comments on one’s writing samples.  Assessment information focuses participants’ workshop learning and functions as a baseline of current writing ability.  Assessment information allows us to tailor workshop activities to specific participant writing needs.

Participants submit three writing samples several weeks prior to the workshop start date.   No new writing is required.