Successful Presentations

A workshop for up to 10 people
Usually two days–can be designed for other time frames and requirements

A confidence builder, this highly interactive and fun workshop provides tools to increase results from any presentation.

Suggested audience includes people who:

  • Are experienced presenters wishing to move their skills to the next level
  • Have little experience preparing and delivering presentations
  • Never had formal training for presentation skills
  • Need to refresh or hone specific speaking skills

Typical topics:

  • Identifying expected results from one’s audience
  • Analyzing audience expectations and needs
  • Preparing for any kind of presentation
  • Selecting appropriate content
  • Organizing information persuasively
  • Maximizing the impact of language
  • Using visual aids and notes appropriately
  • Handling questions professionally
  • Using natural, physical skills
  • Dealing with nervousness and stress

Participants use their own work-related situations for structured presentation practice. Shifting the focus to what an audience needs to hear, participants select compelling content and learn confident delivery techniques.  Participants practice presentation delivery four or five times.

All participants receive oral and written feedback from the course consultant and leave the workshop with a DVD record of their presentations, reference material, and presentation planning worksheets.

We customize this workshop for participants’ specific needs and business environment.