Consultative Selling

A one-day workshop for up to 12 people.

Consultative Selling is fast-paced, fully-packed, and interactive.  Participants learn how to conduct consultative meetings and conversations with their customers.


Sales reps, account managers, or anyone who has direct contact with customers, who supports account managers, or who work with the sales function in any capacity.

Typical Workshop Agenda

This interactive workshop includes large group, small group, and individual practice activities.  Each item in this agenda includes practice or role-play activities.

  • The consultative sales process and why customers buy
  • Essential consultative communication skills
  • Listening for customer needs and goals
  • Questioning for complete information
  • Confirming to check understanding
  • Explaining from the customer’s perspective
  • Using consultative, professional language in customer conversations
  • Determining customer needs and goals
  • Practice role plays of customer conversations
  • Identifying and positioning benefits, features and value of one’s products and services
  • Handling customer questions and objections
  • Practice role plays of customer conversations

Participants use their own customer situations in practice activities and receive immediate feedback from the course leader.

We customize this workshop for the participants’ needs and business environment.