Avoid Perils of Using Slides

Don’t bore your audience!

Use slides to support your points.  Your slides are not the presentation; you are the presentation with visual emphasis provided by slides, chart boards, props, or video segments.

Pointers for slides that work:

Use pictures, graphics, graphs more than straight text
No full sentences anywhere on slides–use key word phrases
Keep slide titles concise and action oriented
Use lots of white space
Vary slide formats: don’t use bullet lists on every slide, for example
Make the font size large enough for the audience to read easily
Use dark font colors for easy reading
Reduce “noise” on all slides–remove extraneous lines, punctuation, graphics–so that important content stands out

And for you…

Don’t read from slides.  Slides are not your notes.  Slides are for the audience.  Make your notes separately, either on paper or in PowerPoint’s Presenter View.

Orient your body to face the audience.  Maintain eye contact with your audience, not with the big screen.  Position your laptop between you and the audience to facilitate eye contact; look down at your laptop screen, then up at your audience.  Do not turn your back or side to the audience to look at that big projection screen.